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Our list of moving tips have been compiled from all of the stories we’ve heard – both good and bad. Every day the Advantage Self Storage team helps many different people move. From these experiences we have produced this moving guide to help your move go as smoothly as possible.





Moving Tips for Planning a Smooth Move

Planning your move well in advance can save you hours of stress in the long run. Once you know the completion date of the move, start planning Right away!

The following planner will help you focus on what needs to be done, and when.
Moving Date: 1 Month To Go …Moving Tips:

  • Notify your landlord (if applicable).
  • Contact the telephone company to organize reconnection/installation of a line.
  • Inform your gas and electric providers that you will be the new owner of the property.
  • Start collecting an assortment of packing materials.
  • Book time off work for the move.
  • Have a clear out! Make 3 piles or lists: Throw out. Put in storage. Donate.

Moving Date: 2 Weeks and Counting…Moving Tips:

  • Book truck rental or use Advantage Self Storages’ free move-in truck.
  • Arrange transit insurance (if necessary) for the move.
  • Inform all appropriate people of your change of address.
  • Tell Post Office to redirect your mail on date of move.
  • Organize for someone to look after any kids and/or pets.
  • Make plan of new home, and decide which rooms will be used for what.
  • Start packing — it’s never too early.

Moving Date: 1 Week Left…Moving Tips:

  • Arrange for any final bills to be paid.
  • Have meters read and pay any outstanding amount.
  • Cancel any services, e.g. window cleaner, newspaper delivery.
  • Confirm arrangements with utility companies.
  • Arrange the exchange of keys. Collect yours as soon as possible.
  • Find some old blankets to be able put down in new house to protect carpets.
  • Make a map of new property for the removal company.
  • Start cleaning the house.

Moving Date: The Day Before…Moving Tips:

  • Just keep in mind that things don’t always go according to plan. If things go wrong remember, you can get a storage unit for everything from a few boxes to your entire contents of a 4 bedroom house.
  • Label boxes well, and finalize packing.
  • Pack a container for some emergency supplies.
  • Defrost fridge/freezer.
  • Finish cleaning the house or apartment.

Moving Date: The Day of the Move…Moving Tips:

  • Disconnect any remaining appliances.
  • Have one last final check.
  • Close and lock doors and windows.
  • Check that all containers have been delivered to the new location.
  • Is there anything we missed? Do you have a question for us? Give us a call!
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