About Advantage Self Storage Virginia

About Advantage Self Storage Virginia

Advantage Self Storage Virginia, has 2 self storage locations with a wide variety of storage units that will accommodate all your storage needs. You can lease your self storage space by visiting either of our locations in Prince George and Chester. Before you visit our outstanding stores, you may also reserve your self storage space by Calling us.

Our customers experience begins with a company investing in its employees and creating a positive environment. Advantage Self Storage Virginia provides each property manager with product, sales and service training, which is then delivered to each storage customer.

First-time storage customers can have a lot of questions; after all, placing the contents of your life into a square box can be scary, overwhelming and emotional. That’s why, at Advantage Self Storage Virginia, we make it our mission to provide safe, clean and friendly storage service, no matter what your circumstances.

Safety is a top priority at every self storage facility we operate. We always keep a watchful eye on the property and access controlled gates mean that only tenants of the property can enter. Custom and secure PIN codes allow us to monitor who comes and goes. The sense of safety is all in the details; a well-lit facility means that you will be comfortable on our property at night. Our mission is to deliver peace of mind to every customer – all the time.

Cleanliness not only keeps our property safe, but provides a suitable environment for all your personal or business items.

We’re  ready to answer all your questions and provide the best service, above and beyond just a place to put your stuff. If you need moving and packing advice or help selecting the best size within your budget, our expert storage team is at your service.

The difference our customers experience is the feeling in knowing they have placed their items in a safe, secure, clean and affordable storage property. We value your trust in us!


1901 Advantage Drive Prince George, Virginia 23875

Click HERE to Call:804-861-4146
7700 Advantage Storage Drive Chester, Virginia 23831

Click HERE to Call:804-454-0890